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How The Split Case Pump Is Made?

How the split case pump is made? here're the details showing you.

1. pump shaft machining
round steel→ rough machining→ quenching→ finish machining→ keyseat→cylindrical grinding

2. impeller machining
mould casting→sand blasting→rough machining→grinding→finish machinig→WEDM→dynamic&static balance test

3. bearing housing machining
mould casting→sand blasting→rough machining→finish machining→drilling→grinding

4. shaft sleeve machining
steel bar→rough machining→finish machining→EDM→cylindrical grinding

5. pump casing machining
mould casting→sand blasting→split casing machining→matching drilling→boring machining→drilling→pressure test→grinding→pre-treating→premier painting

After above 5 steps, here comes to the last step:

6. pump cleaning→assembling→perfromance test→painting→inspection→package

Finally, the split case pump is ready for delivery.

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