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    VCP series pumps are vertical trubine pumps, single-stage or multi-stage, adaptable for wide range of water supplies and various water levels. Installed above or below ground discharge, with motor drive, diesel engine, or steam turbine.

    Capacity: 140-10000m3/hr

    Head: 60-300m

    Outlet dia:150-1000mm

    Temperature: 80

    1. High efficiency, high head, favorable NPSH condition.

    2. Packing and cartridge mechanical seal are available

    3. Anti-fritction bearings

    4. PTFE, rubber, thordon or bronze are available for guide bearing.

    5. Doulbe seal ring for longer impeller life

    6. Double bearings for less vibration

    7. Anti-corrosion, high efficiency, anti-abration coating are available.

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