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    HB/HX vertical mixed flow pumps are vertically suspended, single stage or mutli stage, mixed flow centrifugal pumps. With the benefits of high efficiency, broad hydraulic coverage, favourable cavitation condition etc, the pumps are widely used for pumping water from sources including lakes, cooling ponds, tanks, rivers and oceans.

    Capacity: 1152-72000m3/h

    Delivery Head: 5-50m

    Outlet diameter(Max): 400- 2600mm

    Liquid Temperature: ≤ 55

    1. Optimized hydraulic model, high efficiency with wide range.

    2. Easy installation and maintenance.

    3. Installation could be single or double foundation

    4. Rotor parts could be pulled out or non-pulled out

    5. The impeller blade could be adjustable

    6. The axial thrust is carried by the motor or pump

    7. The intake sump can be wet pit or dry pit

    8. PTFE, NBR, Thordon, AR are optional for guide bearing

    9. High efficency coating, anti-cavitation coating, and anti-corrosion coating available.

    Water intake/ transfer for general industrial use


    Sea water desalination

    Water intake/ transfer for city water and sewerage works

    CWP for power plant

    Irrigation and drainage

    River water drainage

    Cast Iron

    Ductile Iron

    Cast Steel

    Stainless Steel -304 / 420 / 316 /316L etc.



    Duplex SS-2205 / 2507

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