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    VZP series pumps are non sealing automatic control self-priming vertical cetnrifugal pumps, with the feartures of high efficiency, short self-priming time, easy maintenance etc, especially suitable for the site condition that requests frequent starting.

    Capacity: 11.2~1200m3/hr

    Head: 10~80m

    Outlet dia:50~350mm

    Temperature: 80

    1. Hefficiency, lower NPSHr, Less vibration. Using the advanced hydraulic model of abroad, the efficiency has improved 10-15%.

    2. Shorten self-priming time and Increase self-priming height.

    3. Using a multi-blade expanded flow runner to accelerate gas-liquid separation, the self-priming time cuts half.

    4. Mechanical seal for clear water, and auxiliary impeller sealing for sewage.

    Petrochemical industry


    Steel mill

    Power plant


    Waste water treatment

    Construction& Engineering

    Cast Iron

    Ductile Iron

    Cast Steel

    Stainless Steel -304 / 420 / 316 /316L etc.



    Duplex SS-2205 / 2507

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