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American Customers Visit Credo Pump for Further Cooperation

Categories:Company News Author: Origin:Origin Time of issue:2016-07-19
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How happy it is to have friends coming from afar!" On July 16th, the American customers came to visit, and the chairman and technical backbone of  Credo Pump welcomeed them warmly at the Credo production base located in Jiuhua, Xiangtan. It is reported that the purpose of the American customer's visit is to inspect The comprehensive strength of Credo, and to assess the technical capacity and production capacity in person, so as to promote the in-depth cooperation with Credo, jointly explore the American market and achieve long-term mutual benefit and win-win development. President of Credo Pump  stressed that mutual understanding is the premise and basis for long-term and stable cooperation between the two sides. Friends from all over the world are very welcome to visit and inspect our factory. I believe that when you know us well enough, there will be great potential for further cooperation.                                       
"The ability to produce such a large and delicate pump is enough to show your extraordinary strength. I am now more certain of my ideas. I don't have to worry about working with you."Said the customer. CPSsplit case pump as the main product of Credo, both energy saving technology and quality assurance are impeccable."


Internationalization has become one of the important strategic directions for the future development of Hunan Credo pump Co., Ltd. This visit not only strengthens Credo's communication with foreign customers, but also further confirms Credo's ability to go global. Credo has always attached great importance to the communication and mutual understanding with customers. This time, the satisfaction expressed by the American customers is a shot in the arm for our faith of striving for perfection, striving for quality, working conscientiously to ensure service, and marching into the international market steadily.