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Chinese General Mechanical Pump Association Members Conference, Credo and Colleagues to Explore the New Direction of Development

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The eighth session of the second member representative Conference of China General Machinery Industry Association Pump Branch was held in Zhenjiang, Jiangsu province from June 24 to 26, 2018. As a member of The Association, Credo Pump was invited to attend . Mr. Kang Xiufeng, chairman of Credo Pump,  and Mr. Fang Wei, Sales Manager, attended the conference.


The year 2018 is the first year for implementing the guiding principles of the 19th CPC National Congress, and a crucial year for securing a decisive victory in building a moderately prosperous society in all respects and implementing the 13th Five-Year Plan. Pump product performance in China at present, there is still a gap compared with advanced countries in the world, the conference convened industry well-known research scholars and entrepreneurs to research discusses the energy-saving ways and measures of water pump, improve the efficiency of the pump and the pump system efficiency and prolong the operating life of the pump, reducing energy consumption, is of great significance for China's energy conservation and emissions reduction work.


In the end of the meeting, Pump Association organized the activity of "Entrepreneurs' Campus Tour" -- visiting Jiangsu University. Fluid engineering is a well-known major in Jiangsu University, which has cultivated a large number of professional talents. During the graduation recruitment season, Pump Association provides a platform for entrepreneurs to communicate with students face to face and recruit outstanding talents with high education background, high quality and specialty. Full of enthusiasm, the students in their prime of life will also bring a vigorous vitality to the enterprise, the company staff younger, higher education is also a major development trend in the future.

The two-day meeting and discussion made the participating enterprises gain a lot. Credo will also explore new paths of industry development with new technologies and ideas, and actively adapt to the new normal of development. The "Intelligent pump station" as the core concept of intelligent product comprehensive solution, the application of new Internet technology, combined with modern efficient water pump, energy-saving technology, and intelligent control, to create a modern Internet of things and big data system, to provide customers with an overall solution. It is the common vision of all Credo people to be committed to promoting the development of China's pump industry and adjusting the product structure, and to provide the society with more energy-saving, more reliable and more intelligent pump products.