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Credo Cooling Water Pump to Pakistan Reach International Advanced Standards

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In September 2015, the procurement contract of closed cooling water pump equipment and auxiliary cooling water pump, industrial water pump and air preheated flushing water pump equipment of Zhengzhou Power Pakistan power station project was signed in Zhengzhou. Hunan Credo pump Co., Ltd. has officially become one of the pump products manufacturing suppliers of the water engineering company of Zhengzhou Electric Power Construction Co., Ltd. Recently, the first batch of products for Zhengzhou electric power Pakistan power station project have been manufactured and successfully passed the test, and are ready to go.


The technical standard of dual phase steel is close to the international standard

The pump made of dual phase steel is designed according to the performance of international standards. Its technical standards are close to the international standards and reach the international advanced level. It is one of the energy-saving pump products popularized in China. This kind of pump has the characteristics of simple structure, reliable performance, good corrosion resistance, low power consumption, convenient use and maintenance. It is not only the pump ring material of Zhengzhou Electric Power Co., Ltd. and Zhengzhou Electric Power Co., Ltd., which are the first to show the strength of the pump ring and the pump cover of Zhengzhou Electric Power Plant Co., Ltd., which is the first to show the strength of the pump ring and the pump cover of the power station.

Practical technical personnel strive for perfection and ensure quality

The “Changsha Zhuzhou XiangTan independent innovation demonstration area where Hunan Credo Pump Co., Ltd. is located has gathered the most experienced pump industry experts, the most complete pump industry chain and the best industry technical talents. Jiuhua manufacturing base of the company covers an area of 38000 square meters, with more than 200 employees. All of them are practical talents, ensuring to provide customers with high-quality products and corresponding services in line with technical specifications and industrial standards. At present, the company has become the first brand of intelligent energy-saving pump in China's pump industry.

Smart energy saving strategy to be a world class brand

Energy saving pump is different from other energy-saving technologies such as single frequency conversion "in order to reduce efficiency and achieve low energy consumption". It solves the common technical problem of "high energy consumption and low efficiency" in hot oil circulation system. Hunan Credo pump Co., Ltd., has been committed to the technical research of energy-saving pump, and the energy-saving transformation technology of water pump has obtained the national patent authorization. This technology is a "Trinity" high efficiency and energy-saving technology for fluid transportation independently developed by Hunan Credo pump Co., Ltd. On the premise of ensuring the safety of users' water, the system is diagnosed and analyzed in detail by using CFD three-dimensional fluid theory, and a one-to-one overall energy-saving solution is formulated. The high-efficiency and energy-saving water pump is customized in the production base of Credo pump The start of technical transformation with pumps does not affect the normal production of users, and the energy saving rate of industrial system is 10% - 60%.。