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Credo Pump Activates New "Vitality" of Intelligent Energy Saving Pump

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Credo pump will go deep into the smart energy-saving pump industry from three directions, and become the industrial water pump  manufacturer, the most experienced operator and the strongest investor in the pump industry. From the "sales, production, operation" three blocks of all-round leadership of the intelligent energy-saving pump industry With smart energy-saving R & D and innovation of market vitality, the sales volume of Hunan Credo pump Co., Ltd. has leapfrog growth under the situation of slow development of the new normal international economy.

In 2015, the increasing rise of intelligent energy-saving pump industry means that the transformation and development of Hunan Credo pump Co. ,Ltd. to intelligent energy-saving pump gradually "takes root". Over the past 50 years, the innovation and R & D capability of Credo pump industry in the pump field has been at the forefront of the industry, actively participated in the formulation of industrial technical standards, and the sales scale of intelligent energy-saving pump series products also ranked first. Among them, CPS double suction pump, SKD multistage split double suction pump, HB/HK axial pump, CPLC vertical turbine pump, D / MD / DF multi-stage pump, D (P) self balancing multi-stage pump, DG boiler feed pump, AY oil pump, CPLN condensate pump vertical, N condensate pump horizontal, ISG pipeline pump, IS horizontal centrifugal pump, IH chemical pump, ZLB axial flow pump, WLZ vertical self-priming pump, LJC deep well pump, CPA / CPE chemical process pump, CPZ standard chemical pump, etc A total of 22 series, more than 1000 types of products are becoming the benchmark products leading the development trend of the industry. The leadership of Hunan Credo Pump Co., Ltd. has made self-determination on the intelligent energy-saving pump industry. In terms of product positioning, it improves the oil consumption of traditional pumps through pump technology, and transforms the power consumption to intelligent energy-saving pumps. Therefore, it is of great significance to improve the pump technology level for energy saving.

Take advantage of the wind to build a new "power source" for pump industry

The traditional water pump plays an important role in the industrial field. According to statistics, in the iron and steel metallurgy and petrochemical industry, the energy consumption of pump products accounts for 25% - 30% of the total energy consumption. However, the development of domestic pump industry is far behind the international advanced level, especially in terms of operation efficiency, the difference is 15% - 20%. Learning from the experience of developed countries and combining with the actual situation of China, innovation is the key and quality is the foundation to build "made in China 2025" and realize the transformation of pump industry from large to strong. Hunan Credo pump Co., Ltd. adheres to the strategy of winning by quality, which is the core element of building made in China 2025. It adheres to the fundamental principle of wisdom and energy saving, builds the soul of made in China with quality, guides the quality improvement of made in China with standards, and creates the business card of made in China with brand.

In the future, the demand for domestic pump products will be mainly concentrated in the following areas:

Environmental protection industry: the state plans to invest heavily in the construction of sewage treatment plants and industrial wastewater treatment devices.

Water supply project: the south to North Water Diversion Project and its branch line water supply project are still urgent projects in China.

Power station: there is still a shortage of power in some parts of China, and the construction of new power stations is inevitable.

Petroleum and petrochemical industry: the petroleum and petrochemical industry still has a huge development space in the future and in China.

Irrigation and water conservancy: with the benefit of national policies to rural areas, the gap in the construction of farmland and water conservancy is bound to be supplemented at a faster speed.

Hunan Credo pump Co., Ltd. creates the first brand of smart energy-saving pump in the industry, leading the rapid development of smart energy-saving industry! The forward-looking grasp of the current market is the premise for the rapid development of Hunan Credo pump Co., Ltd., and the accumulation of core technology is the core code for the rapid growth of the intelligent energy-saving pump industry. Today, Hunan Credo pump Co., Ltd. is taking off!

Credo pump creates value for customers!