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Credo Pump Care For The Environment

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In recent years, the Chinese government has always attached great importance to environmental protection issues, especially for manufacturing enterprises, hoping to invest more environmental protection equipment to reduce pollution and protect the environment on which human beings depend. Credo Pump, actively responding to the government's call, invested a lot of time and money to build a brand new environmentally friendly painting shop in early 2022.


This workshop adopts a dry spray booth with upper air supply and lower air extraction. Filters, exhaust pipes, etc.) and electrical control systems, etc., adopt the energy-saving mode of segmented control and segmented operation. Painting the pumps in this workshop will not cause secondary pollution to the environment. The purification efficiency has been tested by the Institute of Atmospheric Environment, Chinese Academy of Environmental Sciences, and all meet the relevant requirements.


Credo Pump has always insisted on caring for the environment and contributing its own strength.

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