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Credo Pump Delivered Vertical Split Case Pump

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Credo Pump has delivered the vertical split case pump recently, due to the complex operation environment and relatively narrow space of the pump in this project, the reconstruction is relatively difficult. After many times of comparison and research, the project company finally reached cooperation with Credo Pump, and we handed over a perfect transformation scheme to the customer after field investigation.


Before transformation

The reformed CPS vertical double suction pump not only greatly reduces the cost of components and casting, but also optimizes and improves the performance index by introducing the most excellent hydraulic model at home and abroad and adopting CFD computational fluid dynamics analysis method. The performance index comprehensively exceeds the industry level and reaches the international advanced level, and the efficiency has been improved qualitatively. At the same time, the reformed CPS vertical double suction pump is more convenient and faster in installation and maintenance than before.

Improved CPS vertical double suction pump with high efficiency and energy saving

As we all know, due to its wide application in various industrial sectors, water pump is large energy consumption in China. The annual power consumption accounts for more than 20% of the national power consumption, and shows an increasing trend every year. Judging from the design level of water pumps, China is close to the advanced level of foreign countries, but there is a big gap between China and foreign countries in terms of manufacturing, technological level and system operation efficiency. "In only one year, the energy waste caused by water pumps is as high as 170 billion kwh." It can be seen that the energy waste caused by water pump is extremely serious, and energy-saving transformation is imminent!

Previous successful product testing

The chairman of Hunan Credo Pump Co., Ltd. is far sighted and has unique insight. At the beginning of the company's establishment, the research and Development Center for energy-saving technology of water pump was established. Among them, senior engineer Liu Dong gui, the leader of the team, has been engaged in a number of water pump energy-saving and transformation projects, and has made great contributions to the development and technical innovation of industrial water pump industry. Led the company's technical team to develop a series of innovative products with leading technology. "New high efficiency and energy saving pump product development and industrialization" won the third prize of science and Technology Progress Award in 2010, and more than 10 patents were authorized. With the "energy saving and emission reduction" being mentioned and paid more and more attention, Credo pump, which owns the patent technology of energy saving transformation of water pump, is naturally favored.