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Credo Pump Invites Czech Customers to Witness the Pump Production Process

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Recently, Hunan Credo Pump Co., Ltd. invited Czech customers to witness the pump prodcution process. Every inspection is supervised or even participated by the customers themselves. After the inspection, the Czech customers highly praised and recognized the product quality of Credo Pump . The reason why Credo Pump made such a move is that the pump quality is always controlled from the source.


Design Pressure 1.5 Times Test

The product has been basically positioned in the design stage, and the quality depends on procurement, processing, manufacturing, packaging, transportation guarantee, etc., so as to control these links well, and the quality will be controlled naturally. In the opinion of Hunan Credo Pump Co., Ltd., inspection is an expensive and unreliable method to obtain quality. Inspection, classification and evaluation are all remedial after the fact. What quality needs is prevention. Credo's product quality has always been achieved in the design and production process, through process management.

Permeability Test

"If our quality control does not start from the source, it will be very difficult for us to control the quality of our products." Even if a large amount of inspection manpower is put into production to check, a large number of defective products or even waste products will be produced due to the lack of control from the source during production, and the cost of products will be greatly increased, which will cause heavy burdens and losses to the enterprise. Moreover, the quality problems of some products may not be remedied by the following process.

The Thickness of the Test

Integrated operation test of efficiency, flow rate, head, etc

Hunan Credo Pump Co., Ltd. knows, improve quality, has been linked to the enterprise life and death, can the quality casting strong enterprise, also can destroy a factory with a long history, with the pace of economic slowdown, muddle along before quality, will face a severe test, the test is, fighting the play is the life and death duel. Hunan Credo Pump Co., Ltd. has always maintained a sense of crisis, strict quality control, which has created the current Hunan Credo Pump Co., Ltd. excellent quality and strong fighting capacity and competitiveness.