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Credo Pump Was Invited to Participate in "The China Urban Smart Water Summit Forum"

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At present, the concept and content of intelligent water supply system are still in the preliminary exploration stage, and there are no mature cases and relevant construction standards for reference. In order to deeply and systematically explore this problem, the magazine "Water Supply and Drainage", together with the Drainage Professional Committee of China Urban Water Supply and Drainage Association and the Science and Technology Committee, jointly held the "First China Urban Smart Water Supply Summit Forum", which was successfully concluded in Zhuzhou city . From design institute, water companies and government departments, suppliers and research institutes such as more than 200 people attended the meeting, management of water resources, water treatment plants, process control and online network reasonable operation, etc., to city water wisdom of overall planning and the top design, construction and management, investment and financing mode, etc.

Hunan Credo Pump Co., Ltd. was invited by the Scientific and Technical Committee of China Urban Water Supply and Drainage Association to participate in the "China Urban Smart Water Supply Summit Forum" held in Zhuzhou City in October 2015.


Hunan Credo Pump Co., Ltd. with the main idea of efficient and energy-saving intelligent pump station and the center of this meeting happened to coincide, during the meeting; our company has been closely concerned by many.

With 50 years of research, development, production and sales history, Credo pump is specialized in the production of split case pump, vertical turbine pump and other products. With the purpose of smart energy saving, scientific analysis and customized, Credo pump will become the first brand of smart energy saving pump in China!