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Credo Vertical Turbine Pump Successfully Entered the South African Market

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As an old Chinese saying goes: “Good Wine Needs No Bush”! Application in Credo pump is: “Good Quality, Visitors to Visit by Themselves”! Since the establishment of the company we have been focusing on split case pump, vertical turbine pump, now five 700mm calibervertical turbine pump will serve the People of South Africa.


The South African Customer Inspecting the Pumps 

As the long holiday is coming, we promise to deliver before the holiday. Colleagues in the workshop worked around the clock this week. From parts grinding to complete machine assembly to performance testing, they worked day and night, and delivered the pumps in the shortest time with both quality and quantity guaranteed.


Performance Test of Credo Vertical Turbine Pump

Pump model: 700VCP-11
Pump outlet diameter: DN700 0.6mpa
Capacity: 4500 m3 / h
Head: 11 m
Speed: 980 r/min
Shaft power: 168.61KW
Supporting power: 220 kW
Measured efficiency: 80%
Conveying medium: clean water
Total length (including screen): 12.48m
Liquid depth: 10.5m
Rotation: The pump rotates counterclockwise from the motor end