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Czech Customers Visited Credo Pump Again

Categories:Company News Author: Origin:Origin Time of issue:2016-07-21
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The Czech customers visited Credo Pump again.  This time, they are here  to review the split case pump quality and processing technology of the order, and also to consider whether to reach a long-term and stable cooperation in the future.

CPS horizontal double suction pump purchased by customer is made of copper impeller. The impeller is generally made of steel, rarely with copper, but copper resistance to water will be smaller, so, copper impeller efficiency is higher than other materials. The corrosion resistance, hardness and other physical and chemical properties of copper are much better than other materials, of course, the price is expensive, and the technical requirements for manufacturing processing will be relatively high.


The Czech Republic, a landlocked country in the Middle East, was listed as a developed country by the World Bank in 2006 and has a very high level of human development index. "Renew and energize the era of China-Czech relations and jointly usher in an even brighter future for China-CEECs cooperation and China-Eu relations." President Xi chose the Czech Republic for his first visit to central and Eastern Europe. After careful screening and many visits to China, the Czech customer chose Credo. We have every reason to believe that the deepening cooperation between Credo and the Czech Republic will bring more business opportunities and contribute to the construction of "One Belt And One Road".