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Hunan Credo Pump Co., Ltd. Participated in the Annual Foreign Trade Business Training of Xiangtan City in 2018

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In order to cope with the current complex and severe foreign trade environment, help foreign trade enterprises to understand and master the latest import and export policies, improve the knowledge and practical operation skills of foreign trade business, on November 28, solstice 29, our company participated in the 2018 Xiangtan Foreign Trade business training class held by the municipal bureau of commerce.


As a representative of foreign trade enterprises, Kang Xiufeng, Chairman of Hunan Credo Pump Co., Ltd. made a keynote speech entitled "Hunan Credo Foreign Trade Experience Sharing", made a detailed Guide of our company's energy-saving split case pump and vertical turbine pump products, and shared our company's Foreign Trade Development experience. The participants said that the training course was rich in content and practical, which was a "timely rain" for foreign economic and trade enterprises to better cope with the current complex international environment.


Fu Jun, Deputy Mayor of Xiangtan City people's government, made the class mobilization speech. Zhou Yue, Deputy Director of the Provincial Department of Commerce, attended the class opening ceremony and made a speech. Liu Hui, Deputy Director of the Foreign Trade Department of the Provincial Department of Commerce, attended the training class and interpreted the "2018 Hunan Foreign Trade Situation and Relevant Policies Interpretation". Shaoshan Customs, Municipal State Taxation Bureau, Municipal Administration of Foreign Exchange, Hunan Branch of China Construction Bank, etc., respectively conducted understanding and case analysis on customs policies, national tax policies, foreign exchange policies, bank-trust policies, etc.


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