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Split Case Double Suction Pump Delivered From Factory

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The CPS700-590 / 6 split case double suction pump is delivered from the factory, packed with rain cloth and delivered to the customer's site by special vehicle.

CPS700-590 / 6 split case  pump: flow 4000 m3 / h, lift more than 40 meters, supporting power 800KW.


Double suction pump, also known as Split Case Pump, double suction centrifugal pump and double suction split pump, can be used in power plant, steel plant, petrochemical water and other industries. Credo pump industry has 50 years of double suction pump R & D and production history. The double suction pump manufactured by Hunan Credo pump Co., Ltd., has high efficiency, energy saving and reliable, and is widely trusted and supported by many customers.