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Thailand Customer Visited Credo Pump

Categories:Company News Author: Origin:Origin Time of issue:2016-08-08
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On 1st August, the customer from Thailand visited Credo Pump, the relative department staff accompanied the customer to review the pump testing process, production line, including the rough machining, assembly, painting. The split case pump in testing will be delivered to the customer in Thailand soon.

"Starting from the professional, visible in the small", Hunan Credo Pump Co., Ltd. has a complete quality assurance system, the company has built a few domestic largest measurable pump inlet diameter of 2500mm, power 2800kW large precision of the two-stage pump test center, to ensure the efficiency of every pump factory.


The national secondary water pump test center of Hunan Credo Pump Co., Ltd. has domestic advanced professional test instruments, which has realized the automatic management of various indicators such as flow rate and head of enterprise test, alleviated the working intensity of staff, provided more advanced test scheme for customers, and made the test more convenient, more accurate and more efficient. 

The test supervisor analyzed the test results to the Thai customer, and found that all the indicators were in line with the standard and the pump ran smoothly. The customer was very satisfied with the ordered products, or the customer could discuss continuous cooperation to expand the Thai market.