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The Guests from Thailand Came All the Way to Credo Pump

Categories:Company News Author: Origin:Origin Time of issue:2018-09-29
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On September 26, 2018, eight guests from Thailand came all the way to Credo Pump. They visited the workshop, office building and test center.

The requested split case pump has a pressure of 4.2mpa, a design flow rate of 1400m /h and a lift of 250m. It is difficult to design and manufacture since the technical requirements on site are strict. The final victory of our company's scheme is inseparable from our unique enterprise charm formed by our long-standing strict requirements on product quality, constant technological innovation, and high responsibility for service.

In the meeting, Credo Pump showed the customers our production capacity, production equipment, quality management, the details of  the split case pump, and put forward many constructive suggestions, the meeting  laid a solid foundation for the further cooperation in the future for both.