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Union Formation and Elections

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On April 22, 2019, the first trade union representative Conference of our company was successfully held. Mr Xiufeng Kang, Chairman and General Manager of the company, all office staff and workshop representatives attended the meeting.


The meeting begins: the leader speaks

Always first, announced that "Hunan Credo Pump Co., Ltd. trade union was formally established", points out the importance of the formation of trade unions as well as its functions, and to emphasize the company's future to strengthen the construction of trade union organizations, maintaining all union members interests, trade unions should play the role of a bridge, actively mobilize workers to participate in the reform and development of company, strive to improve employee happiness.

Trade union functions:

1. Maintenance function. Namely the function that trade union defends the legitimate rights and interests of worker masses and democracy right.

2. Construction function. Namely trade union attracts worker masses to participate in construction and reform, complete the function of task of economic and social development hard.

3. Participating functions. That is, trade unions represent and organize workers to participate in the management of state and social affairs, and participate in the functions of democratic management of enterprises and institutions.

4. Education function. Namely trade union helps worker to raise ideological and political consciousness and cultural and technical quality ceaselessly, become the function of the school that worker masses learns communism in practice.

Election of Union President

According to the "election method" process, the general assembly through the secret ballot way to conduct the election, each participating members in the ballot carefully filled in their minds of the candidates.

The newly elected President of the union made a statement:

Thank all members for their support and trust, said that we will never live up to everyone's ardent hope and trust, will strive to improve them, do a good job of the trade union work, I hope all members to support.