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Vertical Turbine Pump Went to Trial Operation

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On September 18, 2015, along with the sound of machine operation, 250CPLC5-16 of vertical turbine pump developed and manufactured by Credo Pump was successfully put into trial operation, with a liquid depth of 30.2m, a flow rate of 450 cubic / h, and a lift of 180m. With high difficulty and excellent processing, it is the largest in the industry and the only one in Southwest China. Won the Guizhou Huajin, the design institute consistent high praise!

Long shaft deep well pump the longer the underwater depth, the more difficult it is to design and manufacture. After receiving the task, the design department carried out intense discussion, communication and thinking collision. The designers studied all night and came up with the most safe, reliable, intelligent and energy-saving design scheme.

Finally, Credo finished the manufacturing process of long-term, high-quality and high-quality parts.

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