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Warmly Welcome the Leaders of China General Machinery Industry Association Visiting Credo Pump

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On July 13, 2022, Mr Yuelong Kong, vice president of China General Machinery Industry Association and chairman of China General Machinery Industry Pump Branch, and his party came to our company to inspect and guide our work.


During the meeting, Credo Pump first elaborated on the current production and operation of the company under the epidemic, the company's management philosophy and technological innovation. After listening to the report, Chairman Kong affirmed the current good development trend and operating conditions of Kelite, and fully praised the company's adherence to the development path of "specialization and innovation".


Afterwards, Chairman Mr Xiufeng Kang led Chairman Kong and his party to visit the production workshop and testing center of Credo Pump. The leaders affirmed the company's good achievements in energy-saving pump technology innovation and smart pumping stations. The inheritance of craftsman spirit is highly praised.

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