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Credo Pump will devote ourselves to developing continuously

Willing to Learn and Share, We Grow Together.

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Every Thursday afternoon, the training room on the second floor in Credo office building is particularly lively, for the Credo family gathering to share expertise or discuss client issues. Some colleagues in the sales department share customer cases, some colleagues in the General Manager share the implementation plan of enterprise point’s management, some colleagues in the finance department share the basic knowledge of finance and tax. 


Learning is a process of exploration from the known world to the unknown world. Learning is a process of meeting and talking with new worlds, new people and new selves. Learning makes us constantly think and make progress. Through the training of the technical staff, the new colleagues had a preliminary understanding of the type and application scope of the pump. Have a quick understanding of the advantages and characteristics of the company's spilt case pump, vertical turbine pump and other products. Through the training of Mr. Xiong in the Finance Department, we have gained a new understanding of the overall budget control of the enterprise, and let all the staff be responsible for the operation. The accumulation of a little knowledge enables us to better ourselves, work more efficiently, and make the Credo family more cohesive.

Learning professional skills makes us better, and sharing life aesthetics and feelings makes us closer to each other. Colleagues have their strengths and weaknesses; Kang photography skills, the pursuit of beauty, often share photo sharing skills. Sister Liu of Production Department is good at cooking; often show cate imparts cooking skill. Warm and sincere colleagues have more opportunities to communicate, and deepen the friendship between colleagues, so that we have a greater sense of belonging to each other.

Credo is an open platform where weekly sharing continues and everyone has a chance to show themselves. This positive atmosphere of learning and sharing is the foundation of Credo, and the unity nourishes Credo people to keep forging ahead. We always bear in mind the corporate culture of " benefiting others and benefiting ourselves, special and extraordinary", and are committed to promoting the development of China's pump industry and adjusting the product structure, so as to provide the society with more energy-saving, more reliable and more intelligent pump products.