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China Environmental Expo 2019

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On April 15, 2019, THE 20th IE Expo China opened in Shanghai New International Expo Center. In this open world stage, our company will actively participate in it, will show the latest products and the most cutting-edge technology, and look forward to discussing industry trends and exploring cooperation opportunities with industry experts.



The exhibition to introduce

This year's exhibition is the largest flagship environmental protection exhibition in Asia. With the theme of "Practicing Green Development and Serving Green Life", 2,047 enterprises from 25 countries and regions participated in the exhibition. At the same time, more than 200 enterprises have formed 12 countries/regions with different styles, bringing different environmental governance concepts and advanced technologies from all over the world, and displaying the development achievements of new technologies, new equipment and new services of China's environmental governance.


Company Profile

Hunan Credo Pump Co., Ltd. is a large professional pump company with a history of more than 50 years, featuring reliability, energy saving and intelligence. The predecessor of the company can be traced back to the establishment of Changsha Industrial Pump General Factory in 1961, which was formed by the core technical personnel and management backbone of the former Changsha industrial pump general factory on the basis of its restructuring. In May 2010, the company settled in the hinterland of Changzhutan and the hometown of great men -- National Jiuhua Economic and Technological Development Zone. The Changzhutan Independent Innovation Demonstration Area where the company is located gathers the most experienced pump industry experts, the most complete pump industry chain and the most outstanding technical talents in the industry. The company has become the leading brand of smart energy-saving pump in China's pump industry.


The exhibition scene

The exhibition is grand in scale, full of guests and dazzling exhibits. The exhibition showcases nearly 40,000 of the world's latest environmental solutions and attracts top environmental leaders from all over the world.

Our booth is located at No. A92, Pavilion W5, Shanghai New International Expo Center. The front desk is neatly placed with the company's publicity brochures, core technology folding pages and various product publicity materials, with rich content. On the exhibition, the staff explained professional, careful and serious, for the majority of customers to show the company's production of water pump products, attracted many design institute engineers, equipment suppliers, owners of customers and other experts to consult, the scene atmosphere is very warm.

Under the market environment that "Environmental Protection Industry" pays more and more attention to, our company actively participates in this exhibition, which effectively enhances the brand awareness and influence of the enterprise. In the exhibition, our company made friends with excellent business partners, and obtained the attention and negotiation of many buyers. In the future, our company will continue to adhere to the corporate mission of "Doing a Good Job in Pumping and Trusting Forever", and do our best to create first-class products and provide quality services for customers.