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Indonesian Jakarta Water Treatment Exhibition 2023

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On August 30, the three-day 2023 Indonesia Jakarta Water Treatment Exhibition opened grandly. Credo Pump discussed and studied the latest sewage treatment technology with internationally renowned exhibitors, professional visiting groups and industry buyers from various countries.

The Indonesian Jakarta Water Treatment Exhibition is the largest and most comprehensive water treatment exhibition in Indonesia. It has touring exhibitions in Jakarta and Surabaya respectively. It has received the support of the Indonesian Ministry of Public Construction, the Ministry of Environment, the Ministry of Industry, the Ministry of Trade, the Indonesian Water Industry Association and the Indonesian Exhibition Association's strong support. The total area of this exhibition is 16,000 square meters, with 315 exhibiting companies and 10,990 exhibitors.


Since its establishment, Credo Pump has always adhered to the concept of environmental protection and is committed to discussing the development and progress of environmental protection technology with colleagues in the industry, using more excellent water pump products to promote the innovation and progress of environmental protection technology, and making more contributions to the cause of environmental protection. 

In the future, Credo Pump will continue to adhere to the product concept of "continuous improvement and excellence", focus on investment in water pump technology research and development and innovation, continuously improve product quality and performance, and combine technology with services to not only bring better products to customers. High-quality products must also improve service quality and efficiency so that customers can experience the best service.

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