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Look Forward to See you in the Singapore Water Fair

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After a typhoon warning and a last-minute flight change, we finally arrived in Singapore, a city where the taxi is  Mercedes Benz.

Although I still have a lot of curiosity about the city, there is nothing more important than participating in the Water Fair. After the rest, we are ready to go to the scene in high spirits.

Although I have been prepared for this, it will be a grand exhibition gathering domestic and foreign mechanical giants, but I was surprised by the number of people on the scene.

Tell me what you want to see most of all; of course, I know what you want to say. The placement of The Credo booth wasn't all that subtle to me, but the neat, colorful drawings and well-made products were enough to catch the eye. Of course, it is also worth mentioning that I came with two young beautiful language ability extraordinary, the key is to know Credo special products of the colleagues, you should not underestimate these two women.

It is understood that customers in Singapore are not completely unknown to Credo, and some of them come to Credo directly when they attend the exhibition, which makes us completely flattered, because we did not pay much attention to the development of the Singapore market before, and this exhibition is also entering this market with a trial attitude. I believe this will be a very good start, and we will step up our efforts in Singapore and strive for more mutually beneficial and win-win cooperation.

At the exhibition, our series of products were highly appreciated by customers, which made me very proud. I think Credo, which wins by quality, innovation and technology, will be the pride of all Credo people and the Chinese people.

Over the past two days, we've talked to a lot of prospective clients, and it's been a good harvest. In addition to the achievement in performance, what excited me more was the cool demonstration of mechanical automation and intelligence of the fortune 500 enterprises on site, which was definitely a very rare learning opportunity for us. Credo has been committed to creating the first brand of intelligent and energy-saving pump, and providing the most reliable, energy-saving and safest pump products for the society. To truly realize this vision, endless learning and technological innovation are indispensable.The exhibition will last three days, that is, July 11-13. Do you want to know more about us? Come on! We look forward to see you in the Singapore Water Fair.

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