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Vertical Multistage Jockey Pump


The vertical multistage jockey pump, ensuring for a certain period of time, the fire pump system pressure is kept constant without starting the main pump. Usually, 1% of the rated flow of the main pump is used as the flow rate of the stabilized pump, and the rated lift is 10psi higher than the lift of the main pump.

FM/UL certified fire pump set supporting other products:

1.Diesel engine (FM/UL certification) or electric motor (UL certification)

2. Control cabinet (FM/UL certified)

3. Flowmeter (FM/UL certified)

4. Safety valve (FM/UL certified)

5.  Automatic exhaust valve (FM/UL certification)

6.  Case relief valve (FM/UL certified)

7.  Outlet pressure gauges (FM/UL certified)

8.  Security Windows (no certification required)

9.  Diesel fuel tank (no certification required)

10. Start battery (no certification required)

Item NO.Pump TypeCapacity (GPM)Head (PSI)
1Split Case Pump50-800040-400
2Vertical Turbine Pump50-600040-400
3End Suction Pump50-150040-224

Our testing center have beenauthorized a national second grade certificate of accuracy, and all the equipments were built up according to the international standard like ISO,DIN, and the lab could provide performance testing for varied kinds of pump , motor power up to 2800KW, suction diameter up to 2500mm.