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What are the Features of Vertical Turbine Pump?

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The application range of the vertical turbine pump is very wide, and the working conditions that can be applied are super many, mainly because of its compact structure, stable operation, simple operation, convenient repair, small floor space; generalization and high degree of standardization strengths. It’s used in the industrial water supply and drainage; urban drinking water, domestic fire protection and rivers, rivers, lakes, sea water, etc.  

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Features of the vertical turbine pump:

1. Length range: The submerged depth of the vertical turbine pump (the length of the pump below the base of the device) is planned to be 2-14m. 

2. Structural features ofvertical turbine pumpmotor:

The vertical motor is placed on the top of the pump base, and the impeller is immersed in the medium through the segmented long axis.

The motor and the pump are connected by an elastic coupling, which is convenient for users to install and disassemble.

The motor frame is between the motor and the pump, supporting the motor, and has a window, which is convenient for operation inspection and repair.

3. The vertical turbine pump water column are connected by flanges, and there is a guide bearing body between two adjacent water column. Both the guide bearing body and the guide vane body are equipped with guide bearings, and the guide bearings are made of PTFE, salon or nitrile rubber. The protective tube is used to protect the shaft and guide bearing. When transporting clean water, the protective tube can be removed, and the guide bearing does not need external cooling and lubricating water; when transporting sewage, it is necessary to install a protective tube, and the guide bearing must be externally connected to cooling and lubricating water (water pump with self-closing sealing system, after the pump stops, the self-closing sealing system can prevent sewage from entering the guide bearing).

4. The hydraulic planning software optimizes the planning with superior functions, and fully considers the anti-abrasion function of the impeller and guide vane body, which greatly improves the life of the impeller, guide vane body and other parts; the product runs smoothly, is safe and reliable, and is highly efficient and energy-saving.

5. The central shaft, water column and protective pipe of the vertical turbine pump are multi-section, and the shafts are connected by threaded couplings or sleeve couplings; the number of water column can be increased or decreased according to the needs of users to adapt to different liquid depths. The impeller and guide vane body can be single-stage or multi-stage, depending on different head requirements.

6. The impeller of the vertical turbine pump uses a balance hole to balance the axial force, and the front and rear cover plates of the impeller are equipped with replaceable sealing rings to protect the impeller and guide vane body.

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