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What's the Common Control Methods of Diesel Engine Fire Pump

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Diesel engine fire pumps can be widely used in environmental protection, water treatment and fire protection departments to transport various liquids with their own advantages.

1. The diesel engine fire pump will only start automatically when the fire signal comes, and the electric water pump fails or the power supply is cut off.

2. The diesel engine fire pump is installed together with the electrical instrument, with complete functions, compact structure, automatic fault alarm, accepting the starting signal, and can automatically complete the starting procedure and run at full load quickly.

3. When the diesel engine fire pump is insufficient in fuel, the battery voltage is low, and the lubricating oil temperature is high, it is enough to ensure that the diesel engine fire pump can be started in a low temperature environment. The entire system of the diesel engine fire pump is safe, reliable, and easy to operate.


There are three common control methods for diesel engine fire pumps:

1. Manual control: The diesel engine fire pump is manually controlled by pressing the control button, and the operation process is automatically completed by the preset program.

2. Automatic control: When the diesel engine fire pump is affected by fire and pipeline pressure or other automatic control signals, the preset program of the diesel engine fire pump will be automatically completed.

3. Remote control: The computer will perform remote monitoring, remote control, remote communication and remote adjustment in real time through the network.