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About the Partition Water Supply of Diesel Engine Fire Pump

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Diesel engine fire pumps have an irreplaceable role in fire protection projects. It can be said that they are very important in water supply and water delivery. When supplying water, they will supply water reasonably according to the specific situation, and there are also regional water supply situations. What do you know about it?


1. The purpose of zoning water supply:

Partitioned water supply is to solve the problem that the hydrostatic pressure of the system is too high, the pressure limit of pipes and joints is exceeded, the allowable working pressure limit of the facility is partially exceeded, and the kinetic energy consumption of one water delivery is too large.

2. Conditions for district water supply:

2.1. The working pressure of the system is greater than 2.40MPa;

2.2. The static pressure at the mouth of the diesel engine fire pump is greater than 1.0MPa;

2.3. The working pressure at the alarm valve of the automatic water fire extinguishing system is greater than 1.60MPa or the working pressure at the nozzle is greater than 1.20MPa.

3. Precautions for district water supply

The divisional water supply form should be determined according to the system pressure, building characteristics, and comprehensive factors such as technology, economy, safety and reliability, and can be in the form of parallel or series fire pumps, pressure reducing water tanks and pressure reducing valves, but when the working pressure of the system is greater than When the temperature is 2.40MPa, the diesel engine fire pump should be connected in series or the decompression water tank should be used for water supply.

District water supply can effectively reduce pressure, and can effectively improve efficiency, and can also reduce consumption. Although there are many advantages, it is necessary for the diesel engine fire pump to meet certain conditions to be able to supply water in zones.