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Assembly and Disassembly of Vertical Turbine Pump

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The pump body and lifting pipe of the vertical turbine pump are placed in the underground well for dozens of meters. Unlike other pumps, which can be lifted from the site as a whole part, they are assembled section by section from bottom to top, same as disassemble.

(1) Assembly

First, insert the pump shaft of the vertical turbine pump into the water inlet pipe, and screw the gasket and mounting nut onto the pump shaft at the bottom of the water inlet pipe, so that the pump shaft is exposed to the lower flange of the water inlet pipe by 130-150mm (large value for small pumps, and small values for large pumps). Put the conical sleeve onto the pump shaft from the upper end, and push it toward the water inlet pipe, so that the conical sleeve is close to the gasket at the bottom of the water inlet pipe. Install the impeller and lock it with the lock nut. When the impellers and pump bodies at all levels are all installed, remove the installation nuts and washers, and measure the axial displacement of the rotor, which requires 6 to 10 mm. If it is less than 4 mm, it should be reassembled. When the adjusting nut is just in contact with the drive disc, the impellers at all levels are located on the pump body (axial), and the adjusting nut can be rotated 1 to 5/3 turns to make the rotor rise and ensure that there is a certain axial clearance between the impeller and the pump body. .

(2) Disassembly

First, remove the connecting bolts between the pump seat and the foundation of the vertical turbine pump, and use the tripod rod erected on site to slowly lift the pump seat and the underground part to a certain height with a manual hoist. The wire rope is hung on the clamping plate, so that the lifting part is transferred from the pump base to the clamping plate. At this point, the pump seat can be removed. Slowly hoist the underground part to a certain height, and clamp the next-level water pipe with another pair of clamping plates, so that the lifting part is transferred to the next-level water pipe. At this time, the first stage lift pipe can be removed. By changing the lifting position in this way, the deep well pump can be completely dismantled. When removing the impeller, press the special sleeve against the small end face of the conical sleeve, hammer the other end of the special sleeve, and the impeller and the conical sleeve can be separated.