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Bracket for Double Suction Split Case Pump

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The double suction split case pump is inseparable from the help of the bracket in the process of work. You may not be unfamiliar with it. They are mainly split case brackets, thin oil lubrication and grease lubrication, specifications as follows:

1. The thin oil lubricating bracket of the double suction split case pump is mainly composed of bracket body, bracket cover, shaft, bearing box, bearing, bearing gland, retaining sleeve, nut, oil seal, water retaining plate, dismantling ring and other parts;

2. The main difference between the grease lubricating bracket and the thin oil lubricating bracket is that the embedded transparent cover and the oil cup are added, and the split case pump water cooling device is removed;

3. The barrel brackets of thedouble suction split case pumpare lubricated with grease, mainly composed of bracket body, bearing body, shaft, bearing, bearing top sleeve, bearing gland, oil seal, oil cup, water retaining plate, disassembly ring, etc. components;

4. The cartridge bracket is only suitable for pumps with a lower power of 200ZJ and below. At present, there are only three specifications of T200ZJ-I-A70, T200ZJ-I-A60 and T150ZJ-I-A60.

When we use the split case pump, the bracket should choose the appropriate bracket according to the actual working environment, so that it can give full play to its function.