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Precautions for Starting Split Case Pump

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Preparations Before Starting Split Case Pump

1. Pumping (that is, the pumping medium must be filled with the pump cavity)

2. Fill the pump with the reverse irrigation device: open the shut-off valve of the inlet pipeline, open all the exhaust pipelines, discharge the gas, rotate the rotor slowly, and close the exhaust valve when the pumping medium has no air bubbles.

3. Fill the pump with the suction device: open the shut-off valve of the inlet pipeline, open all the exhaust pipelines, discharge the gas, fill the pump (the suction pipe must be equipped with a bottom valve), slowly rotate the rotor, when the pumped medium has no air bubbles , close the exhaust valve.

4. Turn on all auxiliary systems, and require all auxiliary systems to work for at least 10 minutes. The next step can only be performed after the entire auxiliary system works stably. Here, the auxiliary systems include lubricating oil system, seal flushing system, and cooling and heat preservation system. 

5. Turn the equipment to check whether the rotation of the equipment is flexible; jog the motor, and judge whether the rotation direction of the pump is correct again; after confirmation, fix the coupling guard.

6. (Pump with dry gas sealing system) The dry gas sealing system is put into use. Open the nitrogen inlet valve to pressurize the seal chamber. The air source pressure of the dry gas seal must be between 0.5 and 1.0Mpa. Each split pump adjusts the pressure and flow of the sealing chamber according to specific requirements.

Split Case Pump Starting

1. Confirm that the suction valve is fully open and the discharge valve is closed or slightly open; when there is a minimum flow pipeline, the discharge valve is fully closed and the minimum flow valve is fully open.

2. Close the stop valve of the outlet pipeline (minimum flow must be guaranteed);

3. Start the motor to make the pump rotor reach the running speed;

4. Slowly open the outlet valve to make the outlet pressure and flow of the split pump reach the specified value. Check the motor current change while opening the outlet valve to avoid motor overload. When the flow rate increases, you should also pay attention to whether the pump seal has abnormal leakage, whether the vibration of the pump is normal, whether there is abnormal sound in the pump body and motor, and changes in outlet pressure, etc., such as abnormal leakage, abnormal vibration, etc. Abnormal noise or outlet pressure is lower than the design value, the cause should be found out and dealt with.

5. When the split case pump is running normally, check the outlet pressure, outlet flow, motor current, bearing and seal temperature, lubricating oil level, pump vibration, noise and seal leakage; (according to process requirements) close Valve for minimum flow bypass. Make relevant equipment operation records.


1. The maximum starting frequency of the pump cannot exceed 12 times/hour;

2. The pressure difference cannot be lower than the design point, nor can it cause fluctuations in performance parameters in the system. The pump outlet pressure gauge value is equal to the pressure difference plus the inlet pressure gauge value;

3.The reading on the ammeter at full load, to ensure that the current does not exceed the value on the motor nameplate;

4. The motor equipped with the pump may be selected according to the actual medium specific gravity according to the buyer's requirements, and the power of the motor should be considered during the trial run. If the specific gravity of the actual medium is smaller than that of the test run medium, please strictly control the opening of the valve during the test run to avoid overloading or even burning the motor. The pump manufacturer must be contacted if necessary.

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