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Six Major Reasons for Vertical Turbine Pump Vibration

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The vertical turbine pump is mainly used to transport clean water and sewage containing certain solid particles, corrosive industrial wastewater and seawater, is widely used in raw water treatment plants, sewage treatment plants, metallurgical steel industry, power plants, mines, municipal engineering and farmland water conservancy projects.


There are many reasons for the vibration of the vertical turbine pump, which can be divided into the following reasons:

1. The impeller of the vertical turbine pump shakes

The impeller nut of the corrosion-resistant vertical turbine pump shakes due to corrosion or overturning, and the impeller shakes greatly, resulting in large vibration and noise.

2. The bearing of the pump is damaged

Because the long-term operation of the vertical turbine pump causes the bearing lubricating oil to dry out, the bearing is damaged. Listen carefully to identify the sound from which point, and replace the new bearing.

3. Mechanical parts

The quality of the rotating parts of the vertical turbine pump is unbalanced, rough manufacturing, poor installation quality, asymmetric axis of the unit, the swing exceeds the allowable value, the mechanical strength and rigidity of the parts are poor, and the bearing and sealing parts are worn and damaged, etc. vibration.

4. Electrical aspects

The motor is the main equipment of the unit. The unbalance of the magnetic force inside the motor and the imbalance of other electrical systems often cause vibration and noise.

5. Quality and other aspects of stainless steel axial flow pump

Because of the unreasonable planning of the water inlet channel, the water inlet conditions are deteriorated, resulting in a vortex. It will cause vibration of the long-axis vertical turbine pump. Uneven subsidence of the foundation supporting the long-shaft submerged pump and motor can also cause it to vibrate.

6. Mechanical aspects

The quality of the rolling parts of the FRP long-axis submersible pump is unbalanced, the quality of the equipment is poor, the axis of the unit is asymmetric, the swing exceeds the allowable value, the mechanical strength and rigidity of the parts are poor, and the bearings and sealing parts are worn and damaged.