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The Cooling Methods of the Split Case Pump

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The cooling methods of the split case pump are as follows:

1. Oil Film Cooling of Rotor

This cooling method is to connect an oil pipe at the inlet of the double suction split case pump, and use the cooling oil dripped evenly to take away the heat of the rotor.

2. Air Cooling

The so-called wet double suction split case pump means that the air sucked in by the inter-stage or double-stage pump is compressed and transmitted through the combined absorption and phase difference muffler.

3. Water Cooling

The split case pump generates heat due to conveying and compressing the gas, and this heat needs to be dissipated from the rotor to the casing.

4. Internal Cooling of Rotor

In order to make the split case pump work under a higher pressure difference, a more reliable cooling method can be adopted, that is, the rotor is cooled with circulating oil, and there are oil holes and oil diameter shaft heads at both ends of the pump shaft, and then pass through the inner wall of the rotor. Drain from the other end.