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Three Polishing Methods for Split Case Pump

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The split case pump is widely used in various industries, but it is unknown that the pump quality is also determined by the polishing. Here we gonna find it out.

1. Flame polishing: Use flame to soften and bake the surface of the double suction split case pump, which can effectively remove some twill, wrinkled skin and many other cutting parts on the surface of the pump, though it will decrease the flatness of the pump surface.

2. Polishing with polishing powder: This method is to perform high-speed friction on the surface of the split case pump to remove scratches. Before polishing, the polished part must be sanded with abrasive belts. Many materials used in this method have the best effect of cerium oxide, but this process is relatively slow.

3. Acid treatment and polishing: Use the corrosive effect of acid on the surface of the double-suction split pump to carry out surface treatment. Before polishing the pump, it needs to be polished with an abrasive belt, because acid polishing will reduce the thickness of the pump , and It is not always possible to completely remove the texture on the surface.