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Application Analysis of Vertical Turbine Pump in Steel Industry

August 21,2023

In the steel industry, the vertical turbine pump is mainly used for circulating suction, lifting, and pressurization of water such as cooling and flushing in the production processes of continuous casting of ingots, hot rolling of steel ingots, and hot sheet rolling.

Since the pump plays such a important role, let’s talk about the structure of it here.


The suction inlet of the vertical turbine pump is vertically downward, the outlet is horizontal, start without vacuuming, single foundation installation, the water pump and the motor are directly connected, and the foundation occupies a small area;

Looking down from the motor end, the rotor part of the water pump rotates counterclockwise, the main features are:

1. The hydraulic design software optimizes the design with superior performance, and fully considers the anti-abrasion performance of the impeller and guide vane body, which greatly improves the life of the impeller, guide vane body and other parts; the product runs smoothly, is safe and reliable, and is highly efficient and energy-saving.

2. The inlet of the pump is equipped with a filter screen, and the opening size is appropriate, which not only effectively prevents large particles of impurities from entering the pump and damages the pump, but also minimizes the loss of the inlet and improves the efficiency of the pump.

3. The impeller of the vertical turbine pump adopts balance holes to balance the axial force, and the front and rear cover plates of the impeller are equipped with replaceable sealing rings to protect the impeller and guide vane body.

4. The rotor components of pump include impeller, impeller shaft, intermediate shaft, upper shaft, coupling, adjusting nut and other parts.

5. The intermediate shaft, water column and protective pipe of the vertical turbine pump are multi-jointed, and the shafts are connected by threaded couplings or sleeve couplings; the number of lift pipes can be increased or decreased according to user needs to adapt to different submerged depths. The impeller and guide vane body can be single-stage or multi-stage to meet different head requirements.

6. The length of a single shaft is reasonable and the rigidity is sufficient.

7. The residual axial force of the pump and the weight of the rotor components can be borne by the thrust bearing in the motor support or the motor with thrust bearing. Thrust bearings are lubricated with grease (also known as dry oil lubrication) or oil lubricated (also known as thin oil lubrication).

8. The shaft seal of the pump is a stuffing seal, and replaceable sleeves are installed on the shaft seal and guide bearing to protect the shaft. The axial position of the impeller is adjusted by the upper end of the thrust bearing part or the adjusting nut in the pump coupling, which is very convenient.

9. Vertical turbine pumps with an outlet diameter of φ100 and φ150 are only used to transport clean water at room temperature without a protective tube, and the guide bearing does not need external lubricating water for lubrication.

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