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How to Install the Vertical Turbine Pump?

July 11,2023

There are three installation methods for vertical turbine pump, which are described in detail below:


1. Welding

Gas welding should be used if the pipe wall thickness of the  vertical turbine pump  is less than 4mm; electric welding should be used when the wall thickness is greater than or equal to 4mm. The number of welding layers (passes) depends on the thickness of the pipe wall and the width of the weld seam. Gas welding is generally 1 pass. Electric welding 1-3 times. The physical and chemical properties of the electrodes shall meet the requirements. Before welding, the electrode should be dried, and the welding joint should be cleaned; when welding A, the current should be appropriate, otherwise the current is too large and easy to weld through, and the current is too small to be difficult to penetrate. When welding, use thin electrodes for the first pass, and thick electrodes for the second and third passes.

2. Flange connection

A rubber pad with a thickness of 2-5mm should be installed between the flanges of the vertical turbine pump pipeline, or an asbestos rope washer soaked in white lead oil should be used. handle. When adding the gasket, first apply a layer of white lead oil on the flange, and then place the gasket between the two flanges in an upright manner, and no deviation is allowed. After the centerline and slope of the pipeline meet the design requirements, stabilize the pipeline and then tighten the bolts. When tightening the bolts, it should be done alternately up and down, left and right, so as to avoid the unbalanced force on the flange plate and make the pipeline connection not tight.

3. Socket connection

When laying socket-type pipelines for vertical turbine pumps, it is generally carried out against the slope of the groove. The socket of the pipeline is forward, and the socket of the pipeline is cleaned. 4-8mm axial gap to meet the needs of pipeline expansion and contraction. The annular gap of the socket opening should be uniform, and the oil hemp rope should be filled in the gap. Each circle of the oil hemp rope should be overlapped and compacted tightly. The filling depth of the tight oil hemp rope is 1/3 of the socket depth. Asbestos is used for the outer port Fill with cement or expansive cement, the depth is about 1/2-2/3 of the joint depth, and it needs to be filled in layers.

In short, regardless of the installation method, before installation, the manufacturer's technicians will give you the most suitable installation method according to your working conditions.

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