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Precautions for the Operation and Use of Vertical Turbine Pump

July 24,2023

vertical turbine pump is also a widely used industrial pump. It adopts double mechanical seals to reliably prevent water leakage.

Due to the large axial force of large pumps, thrust bearings are used. The structure design is reasonable, the lubrication is sufficient, the heat dissipation is good, and the service life of the bearings is long. ;Because the motor and the pump are integrated, there is no need to carry out labor-intensive and time-consuming assembly procedures on the axis of the motor, transmission mechanism, andpump at the installation site, and the on-site installation is convenient and fast.


Precautions for the operation and use of vertical turbine pump:

1.During trial operation, check the link parts to ensure that there is no looseness in each link part.

2.Electrical appliances and instruments are working normally; oil, gas and water systems must not leak; pressure and hydraulic pressure are normal.

3.Always check whether there are floating objects near the water inlet to prevent the water inlet from being blocked.

4. The temperature of the rolling bearing of thevertical turbine pumpshould not exceed 75 degrees.

5. Pay attention to the sound and vibration of the pump at any time, and stop the pump immediately for inspection if any abnormality is found.

6. The temperature of the oil in the gearbox should be normal。

The above are some points that need to be paid attention to during the operation of the vertical turbine pump. If you have any unclear points during the subsequent use, please contact the manufacturer in time.

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