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What’s the Reason for the Loud Noise of the Vertical Turbine Pump?

July 24,2023


The  vertical turbine pump  is a widely used for transporting low liquid level liquid and has been widely used. But there are also some disadvantages, that is, there are often large vibrations and noises during use.

The reasons for the large noise generated by the vertical turbine pump during operation are as follows.

1. Submersible pump bearing damage is one of the causes of vibration. You can carefully distinguish which part is the problem, just replace the bearing with a new one.

2. The impeller of the submersible pump shakes a lot, which will also cause vibration and noise.

2. In terms of the quality of the pump, due to the unreasonable design of the water inlet flow path, the condition of the water inlet flow path becomes poor, resulting in eddy currents. Will cause vibration of the vertical turbine pump. Uneven settlement of the foundation supporting the submersible pump and motor can also cause it to vibrate.

3. The cavitation of the submersible pump and the sharp change of the pressure in the pipeline will also generate vibration and noise.

4. From a mechanical point of view, the quality of the rotating parts of the FRP submersible pump is unbalanced, shoddy, poorly installed, the axis of the unit is asymmetrical, the swing exceeds the allowable value, the mechanical strength and stiffness of the components are poor, and the bearings and seals are worn. , all of which produce strong vibrations.

6. Electrically, if the internal imbalance of the motor or the system is unbalanced, it will often cause vibration and noise.

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