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What’s the Reasons for Noise When the Vertical Turbine Pump Running

March 02,2023

The vertical turbine pump is widely used to transport low-level liquids. Though there’s vibration and noise while in operation, why is that?


1. The damage of the vertical turbine pump bearing is one of the causes of vibration. You can carefully identify which part is the problem, just replace the new bearing.

2. The impeller of the pump vibrates greatly, which can also cause vibration and noise.

3. In terms of the quality of the pump, due to the unreasonable design of the water inlet channel, the conditions of the water inlet channel are deteriorated, resulting in eddy currents. It will cause vibration of the vertical turbine pump. Uneven settlement of the foundation supporting the submersible pump and motor can also cause it to vibrate.

4. The cavitation of the vertical turbine pump and the rapid change of the pressure in the pipeline will also produce vibration and noise.

5. From a mechanical point of view, the quality of the rotating parts of the FRP pump is unbalanced, shoddy manufacturing, poor installation quality, asymmetrical axis of the unit, swing exceeding the allowable value, poor mechanical strength and rigidity of components, wear of bearings and seals, etc. , all of which produce strong vibrations.

6. Electrically, if the motor is unbalanced or the system is unbalanced, it will often cause vibration and noise.