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Credo Welcomed Indonesian Customers to Witness the Vertical Split Case Pump Testing

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Recently Credo welcomed Indonesian customers to witness the vertical split case pump testing. 


The Indonesian customer witnessed the test efficiency on site

Thevertical split case pump(CPSV600-560/6 ) is equipped with a motor weighing up to 4 tons. Subject to the constraints of installation conditions, the split case pump and motor must be installed in a single layer. Split case pump flow, high cavitation requirements, serious corrosive medium, site use conditions are harsh. In view of this situation, our company tailor-made this model of water pump for the customer, and redesigned the motor seat. The vibration and noise during the measured operation meet the national first-level standard, the measured efficiency of the water pump is as high as 88%, and each core index is higher than the customer's expectation. In the process of the pump acceptance, the customer personally witnessed the strict quality control of Credo, and immediately expressed the intention of long-term cooperation.



Credo vertical split case pump structure features: pump for vertical installation, small floor space. The suction and discharge are in the horizontal direction. The separate surface of the pump body and pump cover is vertically separated on the center line of the shaft. There is no need to remove the inlet and outlet pipelines during maintenance. The pump cover can be uncovered to remove the rotor parts. The upper bearing of the pump is a rolling bearing lubricated with grease and equipped with a cooling chamber on the bearing body. Shaft seal can be in the form of soft packing seal and mechanical seal.