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Credo Split Case Pump CPS350-410/4 Test Duration 2 Hours with Efficiency 90%

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Credo Pump adopted CFD computational fluid dynamics analysis method, and carried out targeted optimization analysis and improvement. The performance indexes were all higher than the average level of the industry and close to the international level. Each pump has been tested to meet or exceed the client's requirements. 


Performance Test of CPGS700-710/6


Credo Split Case Pump CPS350-410/4 Test Duration 2 hours, Efficiency 90%

CPS series high efficiency and energy saving double-suction centrifugal pump, parameter range: flow rate: 50 ~ 40000m /h, head: 6 ~ 300 m, the flow field is obtained by using the CFD three-dimensional analysis structure optimization, CAE analysis, with high efficiency (up to 93%), high efficient area wide, low pressure pulsation, low NPSH, strong adaptability and high generalization, such characteristics as high reliability, widely used in petroleum, chemical, steel, electricity, construction, municipal, fire protection, water conservancy, water desalination, and many other industries, and breeds suitable for vertical, high temperature, chemical industry and so on the many kinds of structure, choice of duplex stainless steel, stainless steel, cast steel, ductile iron, grey iron and other materials and a variety of seal, lubrication configuration scheme.


Credo Pump has a complete quality assurance system, in accordance with the ISO9001:2015 quality management system production and manufacturing. The company has established  one of the largest test centers in China,  measurable pump inlet diameters of 2500mm, power 2800kW, to ensure the qualification of each pump.