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The Pump Energy Saving & Environmental Protection Conference Held in Changsha

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To promote the relevant state industrial policies, carry out pump industry standards, improve members of communication and the exchange, promote technological innovation, cooperation and progress, on May 20, Zhejiang University of Technology Institute, China Agricultural University, and Hunan Credo Energy Technology Co., Ltd, Jointly held the pump energy saving and environmental protection conference in Changsha.



Participating professors, experts, this paper introduces the domestic and international pump industry development trends, development present situation, product testing technology, pump industry energy efficiency standards, modern pump design and energy saving key technology related content for the academic report, and environmental development and developing trend of pump, the current situation of industry organization mode, the enterprise needs of function and forms of the interaction and communication.


During the meeting, the participating professors and experts visited Hunan Credo Pump Co., Ltd.., and the experts recognized and highly praised Credo product quality and production site management. At the same time, The chairman of the company, Mr. Kang Xiufeng, Shared the overall plan of water pump energy saving renovation for everyone. The concept of no-domain win-win cooperation in the business community and the innovation of the cooperation model for industry development advocated by Kang Dong have attracted extensive attention of industry experts and played a positive role in the promotion of Credo brand.