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The Characteristics of Split Case Pump Impeller

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The split case pump impeller, is equivalent to two single suction impellers of the same diameter working at the same time, and the flow rate can be doubled under the condition of the same impeller outer diameter. Therefore, the flow rate of the split case pump is larger. The pump casing is open in the middle, and it is not necessary to disassemble the motor and the pipeline during maintenance, just open the pump cover, so the inspection and maintenance are convenient. At the same time, the water inlet and outlet of the pump are in the same direction and perpendicular to the pump axis, which is beneficial to the arrangement and installation of the pump and the inlet and outlet pipes.


split case pump impeller

Due to the symmetrical structure of the impeller, the axial force of the impeller is basically balanced, and the operation is relatively stable in this sense. The impeller and the pump shaft are supported by bearings at both ends, and the shaft is required to have high bending and tensile strength. Otherwise, due to the large deflection of the shaft, it is easy to vibrate during operation, and even burn out the bearing and break the shaft.

Due to its wide application range, stable operation, and convenient installation and maintenance, split case pumps are widely used in large and medium-sized pumping stations, such as large-scale farmland irrigation, drainage and urban water supply, and are most widely used in pumping stations along the Yellow River. universal. With the increasing demand for large-flow, high-head pumps, two-stage or three-stage double suction split case pumps have emerged in recent years.